Fantastic Jobs That Require International Travel


Have you got bored from your current 9 to 5 job, every day sitting on the same desk in front of the same computer screen in the same cubicle? If the answer is YES and you are planning on quitting the job to live up to your dream of traveling and exploring new and beautiful places. Then you need not stop working or even drain your savings to spend on your traveling.
If you are an adventurous person and love traveling to different places then you are not made for this kind of sitting job. With the correct set of skills and the right selection of career, you can easily get a job that allows you to travel around the globe and that is even without spending a single penny from your own pocket. So, check out the list of fantastic jobs that require international travel and the prime advantage is that you will also get paid for traveling.

1. International Tour Guide

International Tour Guide
It is one of the best career options for those people who have sheer love for traveling and exploring various cities in the world. The person as a tour guide has to travel to different places and share his knowledge related to the destination place with the tourists. There are numerous travel companies and popular tourist destinations are constantly in need of knowledgeable and friendly tour guides to lead and manage tourists.
SKILLS REQUIRED: Knowledge of city’s history, facts, culture, regional food specialty, hidden secrets along with good communication skills; leadership quality to lead, manage and control group of travelers, fluency in English, knowing other foreign languages is a plus point and the local language of that particular destination.
QUALIFICATION: No particular educational degree required.

2. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger
This certain type of job is for those people who surely are passionate for travel, but are also crazy to find out the new facts and hidden secret about that respective destination point. The travel blogger has to pen down his personal travel experiences along with sharing the content related to travel tips, facts and specialty of that particular place to increase the knowledge of his readers.
SKILLS REQUIRED: Effective and impressive writing skills, online marketing expertise, and social media knowledge
QUALIFICATION: No particular educational degree required.

3. Travel Photographer

travel photographer
Photojournalism or a career as a travel photographer allows people to travel across the world and give them several chances to explore some of the most amazing and beautiful locations of the world while they are at work. We can say that it is one of the glamorous jobs that require international travel and take you abroad to various destinations.
SKILLS REQUIRED: Excellent photography skills, creative writing abilities and an aptitude for presentation and marketing
QUALIFICATIONS: However no particular educational degree or a certificate required as such, but having a specific photography qualification will give more chances to you and assist you in heightening your career.

4. Archeologist

This kind of job is for those people, who have a keen interest in history, excavation, and traveling to new and mysterious places. An archeologist has to travel to different destinations in search of finding information related to human history by digging up human remains and collecting the life and culture of the people living thousands of years in the past.
SKILLS REQUIRED: Very first skill is that the person should have a keen interest in history, perseverance in research, ability to work well as a leader or team member, good communication skills.
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

5. Event Manager / Coordinator

Event Manager Coordinator
This particular type of job allows people to travel to different locations and cities. In this kind of profession, an event manager or event coordinator has to manage and control different types of large and small-scale events that include corporate events, carnival, trade show, TV/ Movie awards, trade meets, sports events, product launches, public events, etc. that is a golden opportunity for international travel lovers to travel and explore different places.
SKILLS: Event management skills, good communication skills, marketing knacks, customer-relation management expertise, media, and public relation management capability
QUALIFICATIONS: However no particular educational degree or a certificate required as such, but a Master’s in Marketing, Mass Communication, Event Management or Public Relations is a plus point.

So, the following above discussed list of jobs contains the fantastic professions that require international travel and the forte of these jobs is that you will get endless chances to travel the world and you will be paid for it. Isn’t it amazing!

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